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Painting your roof white is a good idea to fight global warming.

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🥶🏢🌡 The Heat Island Group is a laboratory that works to cool buildings, cities and the planet by making roofs, sidewalks and cars cooler in the sun.

🎨 It has shown that using white paint on rooftops around the world could help greatly slow global warming. 🥵

🚗💨 In fact, it would offset the CO2 emissions equivalent to 300 million cars running for 20 years.

❄️ The white paint can reduce the temperature of a roof by up to 30 degrees Celsius, which lowers the interior temperature of a building by about 3 to 7 degrees: air-conditioned buildings therefore need less cooling, saving energy and money.💰

👉 This process is called "cool roofing".

🧑🏻‍🔬 The Heat Island Group scientists add that this is a relatively inexpensive way to contribute to the international effort, and now is the time to push cities and countries to incorporate these measures into their policies.

🗽 Some cities are beginning to take this approach very seriously, such as New York City, where nearly one million square meters of roofs have been painted white in recent years.


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