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Bee Saving Paper: Eco-responsible paper to the rescue of declining bees.

Illustration réalisée par Marie Fontaine, représentant Bee Saving Paper : Le papier écoresponsable au secours des abeilles en déclin.

Bees play an essential role in our ecosystem by pollinating plants and flowers, ensuring the maintenance of biodiversity and the production of our food.

However, the bee population has been declining for several years due to factors such as habitat loss, pesticides and diseases: the situation is alarming!

Fortunately, initiatives to protect bees are emerging around the world. Today we look at the collaboration between the Polish advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi IS Warsaw and the organization City Bees. These two entities joined forces to design a beautiful innovation: le Bee Saving Paper.

Bee Saving Paper
Credit: Bee Saving Paper

During tests, the company discovered that the scent most loved by bees was lemon. So, Bee Saving Paper is made without cutting down any trees, using lemongrass fibers and impregnated with glucose.

The fibers are mixed with seeds of melliferous plants such as clover, phacelia or sunflower, which are specially selected for their ability to attract bees.

The mixture is then transformed into paper using an environmentally friendly process that does not use chlorine or harmful chemicals.

The result is a soft, durable paper that breaks down easily, leaving room for seeds to germinate and create new plants.

Once they land on this paper, the bees absorb the glucose and leave.

The sugar works like an energy drink to help the bees fly farther.

Based on the fact that bees perceive flower fields as colored circles of light in the ultraviolet spectrum, the engineers used a water-based UV paint to cover the paper with red colored circles, which are only visible and attractive to bees.

Credit: Bee Saving Paper
Credit: Bee Saving Paper

The paper can be applied to a flower pot, glass window or garage door. Available in various shapes, it can be used in the way that suits us best.

Bee Saving Paper can be used in many applications, from food packaging to stationery products. By replacing traditional packaging with Bee Saving Paper, companies can reduce their environmental impact while supporting the bees' cause. Individuals can also use the paper for their personal needs, such as sending postcards, letters or gifts.

Credit: Bee Saving Paper
Credit: Bee Saving Paper

In addition, Bee Saving Paper works with nonprofit organizations and schools to raise awareness about the importance of bees and encourage the adoption of environmentally friendly practices. Through these joint efforts, Bee Saving Paper is helping to create a more sustainable future for bees and our planet.

Let's not forget that the best way to help bees is to stop using pesticides in agriculture, and turn to more environmentally-friendly practices. Governments therefore have a vital role to play!


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