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New solar panels save billions of liters of water each year.

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☀️ Most large-scale solar installations, such as those in China, India or the United States, are located in desert areas where sand and dust are everywhere.

💦 As a result, the panels must be cleaned with pure water under pressure, usually transported by truck.

👨‍🔬 An MIT team has developed a system that allows dry cleaning without the risk of scratching, thanks to an electrode integrated into a metal bar.

⚡️ As the electrode passes within a few centimeters of the panel, it generates an electric field that provides an electrical charge to the dust particles. The particles are then attracted to the bar when an opposing electric field is applied to the thin, transparent conductive layer covering the panel. The voltage exerted is then precisely calculated to overcome adhesion and gravity and thus cause the dust to be lifted.

🌿 This device could save tens of billions of liters of water!


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