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In South Korea, a food truck offers sweets in exchange for waste!

© Marie Fontaine -

🏖 For many years around the world, beach cleaning operations have been organized.

🇰🇷 This summer on the South Korean coast, tourists have flocked in numbers.

To help preserve the coastal environment, a food truck was set up during the summer: the Seanack converts kilos of waste collected into sweets!

🌿 Launched by Korea Green Foundation (working for the preservation of the environment since 2002), Seanack's objective is to fight against waste that piles up on the beaches.

🦷 An excellent initiative: that's one small gesture for nature, one giant leap for dentists! 😉

👉 Korea Green Foundation wishes to raise public awareness.

📝 The instructions are very simple: you show up in front of the food truck, you get tongs and a garbage bag. Once the bag is filled with collected waste, it is exchanged with the same quantity of treats, that are marine animals shaped.

🌎 Other similar examples elsewhere in the world:

🇫🇷 In France, the municipality of Deauville recently offered free entry to the pool or free access to tennis courts to anyone who brought in bottles filled with cigarette butts.

🇮🇹 In Rome, you can get subway tickets by depositing 30 plastic bottles to be recycled in kiosks installed for this purpose.

🇪🇸 In Spain, a beach bar in Catalonia offered to exchange a glass of beer for a glass of cigarette butts.

🚮 If the rewards of these initiatives may not always be appropriate, they have the merit to exist in order to make the population aware of the good gestures to adopt.

👍 Let's hope that in the long run, the awareness created by these rewards will incite people to change their mentalities and habits, in order to reduce our waste and especially to stop throwing it into nature!


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