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🎬 Earth #5 - plastic.

🌿🚮 Almost 400 million tons of plastic are produced yearly!

Solutions do exist to stop that pollution.

Now, industry should cut production and people should consume differently for a better world!

🚨 The annual production of nearly 400 million tons of plastic has devastating consequences on our planet, affecting marine ecosystems, fauna and flora, and generating major waste management problems. To fight effectively against this pollution, it is essential to act on both production and consumption.

🏗♻️ On the industrial side, it is essential to rethink production processes and to favour more sustainable and recyclable materials.

👉🌿 Technological innovation and the search for alternative solutions, such as bioplastics, can enable a transition to a circular economy and limit our dependence on traditional plastics.

📝 In addition, governments have a key role to play by putting in place regulations and incentives to encourage companies to adopt greener practices.

🧴🍼 As for consumers, there is a need to be aware of our impact on the environment and to change our consumption habits.

♻️ This includes reducing our use of single-use plastics, recycling, recovering waste, and preferring sustainable and eco-responsible products.

🤝 We can also encourage companies and brands that adopt environmentally friendly practices by purchasing their products and actively supporting them.


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