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A biodegradable water bottle made from food waste.

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Plastic pollution is a major issue affecting our environment.

One million plastic bottles are thrown away every minute. Every year billions of plastic bottles are produced and thrown away, with an estimated average decomposition time of 450 years.

To solve this problem, the California-based company Cove has developed an innovative and environmentally friendly solution: a biodegradable water bottle made from PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoates).

PHA is a biodegradable and compostable material derived from renewable resources such as microorganisms and plants. Unlike traditional plastic, PHA decomposes naturally in just a few years, leaving no harmful residue for the environment. The production of PHA bottles therefore significantly reduces plastic waste and its impact on marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

Credit: Cove
Credit: Cove

Cove, an industry pioneer

Cove was founded in California with a mission to reinvent the water bottle and provide a sustainable alternative for consumers. The brand worked with scientists and engineers to develop a water bottle made entirely of PHA, from the container to the label and even the cap.

The bottle material is made through fermentation, providing microbes with vegetable oil, sugar, food scraps or captured CO2 until they generate natural polymers within their cells. The ink on the bottles, made from algae, is also intended to biodegrade.

The Cove water bottle has been specially designed to withstand transportation and storage conditions without compromising water quality.

A reduced environmental impact

Cove's use of PHA represents a giant step forward in the fight against plastic pollution. Their biodegradable water bottles have a significantly reduced decomposition time compared to traditional plastic bottles. While it takes about 450 years for a plastic bottle to decompose in nature, Cove's bottles disappear in less than five years.

The company admits that this solution is still not perfect, but it helps reduce plastic waste and land pollution.

This innovation has the potential to transform the water bottle industry and increase consumer awareness of environmental issues related to plastic production and consumption.

The Cove brand is leading the way in taking an environmentally responsible approach and offering a practical and environmentally friendly solution.


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