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At the heart of the ocean's immensity, trawling reveals a dark and worrying reality.

Trawling is a fishing technique that involves dragging large nets through the depths of the ocean, catching everything in its path.


This practice has harmful consequences for our precious marine ecosystems.

Indeed, trawling does not distinguish between species, often resulting in the capture of non-target species, known as "by-catch".


What's more, the destructive passage of these nets disrupts fragile marine habitats, causing irreparable long-term damage. This destruction has a domino effect, disrupting food chains and destabilizing fish populations.


In addition, physical disturbance of the seabed can release carbon stored in sediments, contributing to increased greenhouse gas emissions.


Not to mention overfishing, which is depleting fish stocks at an unsustainable rate.


It's time to rethink our practices, innovate and adopt more sustainable fishing techniques. Because every action counts, we have a responsibility to preserve these fascinating, vital yet fragile underwater worlds.


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