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The Wai House, a new completely autonomous tiny house!

© Marie Fontaine -

🌿 Ecological concerns are nowadays essential in our society.

🏗 Construction is one of the most polluting sectors and more and more countries are becoming aware of this in order to act in the right direction.

🇳🇿 In New Zealand in particular, sustainable architecture plays a major role.

Sustainable architecture is the combination of design and environmental protection, i.e. using smart energy (renewable energies and better management of energy consumption). It is also intervening on the orientation, shape and size of the building, the management of resources and waste, the choice of sustainable materials, the importance of vegetation and the recycling of existing buildings.

🏡 A new tiny house was created in New Zealand. It is called the "Wai House" - "water house" in Maori language.

This project was developed by the international school Marbella Design Academy from Spain.

It is a small modern house of 9 m long built with environmentally friendly materials that is especially able to harvest water in order to reuse it in a sustainable way in the bathroom, the kitchen and the garden.

🛠 It is made of cedar wood on the outside and concrete on the inside - made of recycled plastic, not sand!

🚧 Keep in mind that the construction industry uses only marine sand for the production of concrete, which has a devastating impact on the global environment.

👉 In addition to being eco-responsible and sustainable, the Wai House is elegant, uncluttered and above all very functional!

👫 It is ideal for a couple wishing to embark on the ecological adventure.

♻️ This mini house could be 100% autonomous without the need to connect to the usual networks, which makes it a great asset.

💡 The Wai House is only at the prototype stage for the moment, but everything could accelerate!


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