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Superb short film of a fantastic world made of plastic waste.

It is no secret that the oceans are highly polluted with plastic. That's 5.25 billion pieces of plastic debris, to be exact.

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We have started to reverse the trend with the use of metal straws, sustainable bags and other environmentally friendly items. However, we still have a long way to go until we clean up our planet from the rubbish we have made.

"Swiss filmmaker Pascal Schelbli has created a powerful animated short film that highlights the issue of waste in the ocean: The Beauty".

The film shows what would happen if the unscrupulously discarded waste in the water suddenly came to life and replaced marine animals: fish become flip-flops or single-use bags, while whales become plastic bottles.

Of course, this is pure fantasy, but the threat to our oceans is very real.

According to experts and without any change on our part, in thirty years' time there will be more waste than fish in the ocean.


The Beauty, a film that evokes another one:

It obviously reminds us of the student film Hybrids:

It is also a short film that uses a similar process to alert us to the pollution of the oceans. With a raw realism, French students from the MoPA school show us how fish merge with the various waste that humans throw into the ocean.


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