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In Sweden, a company hires crows to pick up cigarette butts.

© Marie Fontaine -

🇸🇪 In the Swedish city of Södertälje near Stockholm, a company has decided to hire very special "workers" to collect cigarette butts to clean the city's public spaces. The company Corvid Cleaning has decided to use crows!

🐥🚭 The birds are rewarded with food in exchange for each cigarette butt that they collect, which is then stored in a custom machine designed by the startup. The company founder explains that these crows participate in this vast cleaning operation "on a voluntary basis" and are therefore free to quit at any time.

💰 According to him, these crows could save at least 75% of the money spent on cigarette butt removal operations in the city.

👉 He also said he makes sure that the flying cleaners' good health is not impacted by the harmful residue.

🚮 We can teach crows to pick up cigarette butts, but it would be better to teach people not to throw them on the ground! 😁


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