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A down jacket stuffed with cigarette butts.

© Marie Fontaine -

🚬 All over the world, cigarette butts are a real problem. They are everywhere, in trash cans, on the ground, and it takes years for them to fully decompose, impacting the environment, nature, and the oceans.

🇫🇷 A French start-up Tchaomegot that came into being in 2019 has created a revolutionary process to clean up cigarette butts without any toxic solvents.

🌿 This ecological method, unique in the world, is proving its worth and giving birth to a new raw material: thermal and/or phonic insulation, and all this in a green way. The resulting insulating fiber is clean, non-toxic, odorless and ready to use.

🏠🧥 It can be used as insulation for the building industry or to stuff down jackets.

♻️ TchaoMegot has also set up a real recovery and recycling network.

"We are developing this unique and promising process on a large scale and have the ambition to become a major player in the recycling industry," says its founder Julien Paque.


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