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About us.

The future of our Planet is green 🌿 The Earth is beautiful and we believe it should remain so!

Green is You is an environmental nonprofit organization, that was created in 2022.


Our goal is to highlight very inspiring people, stories, companies, and projects! We want to make everyone aware – in a positive way – that we must and can act quickly for our planet! It is (just) a matter of inspiration and good ideas, combined with collective will, change of habits and very concrete actions.


Everyone can change our future at their own level – as a citizen, association, company, investor or State.


We are a great team of 8 billion members - the earthlings: imagine what can be achieved with the cumulative and regular actions of all of us!


We hope that these stories and testimonials will give you wings, inspire you and encourage more and more of you to (re)act! 😀

If you like our publications, join us and follow our different pages on social networks, we will be really happy to chat with you :



Thanks to all of you!

Marie and Mathieu Fontaine

Founders of Green is You 🌿

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